Certified Earth Trustees – Earth Day One

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To All People of Good Will
In spite of today’s widespread violence, chaos and confusion, many projects for peace, justice and the care of Earth are springing up around the world. Though they may not use the term, many people are acting as Earth Trustees and independent efforts of this kind are to be commended and encouraged. New global awareness, communications and technology now make possible humanity’s awakening to understanding and cooperation that will forever eliminate the shortsighted hate, greed, lust and war that has plagued all of history.

To encourage pioneers in this endeavor and help Earth Trustees provide “…a rallying cry for the people of our planet,” our plan is to have people register as “Certified Earth Trustees.” To do this just fill out this form. We ask people to include name, place of birth and date of birth. This will enable us to properly index each name in a Star of Hope Memory Disk.

When people register, they will receive a document stating that they are a Certified Earth Trustee and that in their own way they will aid some Earth care project and seek choices in ecology, economics and ethics that benefit people and planet.

To clear the debris of past policies based on greed and dishonest gain we would like to point out that legitimate wealth depends on what you have inherited and what you earn. The Earth Trustee program will increase jobs and also provide unearned money from your rightful claim to a fair portion of Earth’s unearned assets: raw materials such as land, gold, oil, materials etc. — God’s gift to humanity: “The Earth hath He given to the children of man.” The planet, including all natural resources, is the human family’s common heritage. To this end we will invite every Earth Trustee whose assets in oil, gold, other minerals, or in land (minus improvement) exceed $50,000 to voluntarily contribute two percent each year on the income from these assets to a Planetary Inheritance Fund. These “royalties” from Earth’s natural bounty will help eliminate poverty on our planet. Money from this fund will be used to provide homes for homeless Earth Trustees.

Find the E-book on Earthday a useful  reference.

A Star of Hope Fund will obtain contributions from individuals and foundations to provide money for the launching of a Star of Hope Satellite. (The cost will be ten million dollars.) As this idea spreads — especially through the Internet, we believe millions of people will identify with and support the Earth Trustee effort, dramatized and aided by the launching of the Star of Hope Satellite.

We invite universities and colleges to adopt the Earth Magna Charta and independently register, manage and expand Earth Trustee efforts. They can learn from our experience in this pilot program and design their effort to benefit their own Earth Trustee purposes. Their support and participation in the launching of the Star of Hope will call attention to the importance of education.

As we are able we will add to our Web site articles related to the subjects mentioned in the Earth Magna Charta, and provide reports on implementation. We also hope to have an Earth Trustee Forum for interaction and we will provide a site for institutions to register adoption or approval of the Earth Magna Charta. Local governments who adopt the Earth Magna Charta will find a fresh and effective approach to solving problems.

Star of Hope Satellite
A special appeal to friends of Earth Day and of John McConnell, it’s founder.A powerful incentive for change can come from exciting symbols and action that dramatize a challenge and opportunity.

Though it was never launched, the global interest in my proposal for a visible star of Hope Satellite back in 1957 headed me toward Earth Day. And now what better symbol of cooperation and new hope for civilization than to begin the Space Age Millennium in 2001 with a “STAR OF HOPE” – launched to foster the Earth Trustee goal of “human rights and responsibilities in the conduct of life and the achievement of peace on Earth.”

The Star of Hope will broadcast worldwide information on Earth Trustee efforts and progress. The Star of Hope will be visible every night on every continent – as bright as Venus, pulsing at the rate of a new born child’s heartbeat. In it will be the Star of Hope Memory Disk containing the names of all Certified Earth Trustees. A child looking up at night will say, “That’s the Star of Hope. My name is in it. I’m a Trustee of Planet Earth.”

Please review this material and the Earth Magna Charta. I’m looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Together we can be outriders of Earth Trustee actions and peaceful progress all over the world

Global Goal: Every Person a Trustee of Earth

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